Healing Hugs from Heaven…

When we are grieving, we are not only missing our loved ones but often feel so lost, confused, and lonely. We are trying to wrap our minds around if our loved ones are okay in Heaven and how we are going to survive this hell on Earth. We tend to do one of two things [...]

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Spirit Connections

On Spirit Connections, Tiffany and I discuss survivor’s guilt.  Survivor’s guilt is just that… feeling guilty for surviving.  “Why them and not me?”  Thoughts may run through our mind saying, “What if I had…  “I should have done….”  “What didn’t I…?  There is also guilt for feeling relief over a loved ones passing.  If your [...]

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What to expect from the unexpected on Spirit Connections

Getting ready for a session is not only exciting but can also cause a little bit of panic! Necole and Tiffany share some tips on how to head into your session and what to expect! Do you ever feel anxious before a session? Share your experience and any comments below!

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I Challenge You Today…

Try this daily affirmation this morning. Loving yourself is vital. It all begins within you. You are a beautiful soul. I challenge you today to replace any self-doubt thoughts with a positive one. Ex: I am never going to be able to do this. Replace with: I am trying my best today and my best [...]

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Spirit Connections with Necole Stephens & Tiffany Rice

Ask your questions here! (General questions only, please.) Tiffany Rice chats with her very dear friend Necole Stephens on Spirit Connections Live Online! During this hour, they will discuss Necole’s personal experience with grief and the afterlife; life as a spirit medium and bereaved parent. Necole shares information from her lectures and seminars on how [...]

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Super Moon!

Are you ready for an energetic New Moon? This new moon is known as the super moon because of its powerful energy! Embrace this energy! Soak it up. Allow yourself to be filled with inspiration from it. It’s time to head into the new year with new intentions, increased self-love, self-confidence, healing, gratitude, kindness, compassion [...]

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The Holidays…

I hope all of you had a manageable Thanksgiving. I know how difficult the holidays are. It seems like everyone around us is signing Christmas songs while excitedly shopping and so full of joy. They are doing the hustle and bustle all around us… A lot of us are are in a completely different place. [...]

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My Spirit friend likes crystals!

During my last reading tonight, Spirit was coming through for his sister and the love of his life. He was reciting lines to different movies! LOL – Which he was known for always doing! The four of us were cracking up! G.D. kept saying “doodles.” I said “I am not too certain what he means [...]

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A Wonderful Surprise!

  Today I was cleaning out a small basket I purchased after Zachary passed. I put all of the Zachfund paperwork in there, along with some work stuff.  It sits right next to me. As I was cleaning it, I came across a sealed envelope. I was surprised when I read what was on the [...]

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Guilty Pleasures Allowed????

  Emotions, that’s a scary word, right up there along with vulnerability. Lately, I have been thinking of all of the different emotions I have felt throughout the years. I went back to before everything happened (Zachary’s passing) until the present, and all I can say is holy shit it’s been an emotional roller coaster! [...]

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